Maternity Clothes for tall women

With Maive & Bo Maternity Boutique's chief designer pushing almost 6ft tall, you can rest assured a large selection of their maternity wear has been designed for tall ladies. Mid to maxi-length skirts, extra bust room and long length sleeves are some of the ways Maive & Bo have catered for tall women along with the general dress shapes that flatter a tall figure.  Shop our recommended maternity clothes for tall women below. 

maternity clothes for tall women

One of Maive & Bo's popular styles for tall women is the Harlow Wrap Dress which falls elegantly to almost full length and crosses over in a tulip style at the front of the dress. This full-length wrap dress is very flattering on a tall figure as it pulls in at the waist whilst accentuating the wearer's bodice and long legs. Furthermore, these dresses are popular with nursing mums who love the easy access and figure skimming fabric. Click here to see more.

 maternity clothes for tall women

Another maternity dress for tall women is the newly released knot dress. An incredibly elegant style, this winter maternity dress falls to just below mid-length with ample material for a growing belly and bust area. Designed in the softest of fabrics, this beautiful dress instantly flatters with its waist defining knot detail. Click here to see more

maternity clothes for tall women 

With these two styles in plenty of fabrics and more pregnancy styles to choose from, Maive & Bo have the perfect range to help tall women look and feel amazing this pregnancy. Shop our recommended maternity clothes for tall women below. 

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