Winter Babymoon Ideas in Australia

Winter Babymoon Ideas in Australia

No arguments here, a honeymoon is a romantic trip you’ll always cherish, but if ever there was a more appropriate occasion for spending some quality time with your hubby, right before baby comes is it.

Cue the babymoon.

Never heard of this term? A babymoon is essentially just like a honeymoon, but instead of taking it after your wedding, you take it prior to the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

The only key concern to have is to ensure you take your babymoon before you hit your 35 week mark, but other than that, how you spend your babymoon is entirely up to you.

Longs walks on the beach?

Lounging by the pool with your virgin mojito?

Falling asleep to the sounds of crashing waves?

Indulgent couples massages?

Truly, there is no wrong way to spend your babymoon, but if you’re looking for some nearby destinations within Australia for where you can head on your babymoon, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our picks for top Australian destinations for a babymoon:

1) Halcyon House

For a swoon worthy boutique hotel that’s guaranteed to please, we always recommend starting your babymoon search by checking out Halcyon House.

Not only is the location beyond stunning at this trendy, Cabarita Beach spot, we know you’ll also be beyond pleased with the facilities.

Throw on one of your Maive & Bo wrap dresses, head out to dinner at their award winning restaurant, Paper Daisy, and finish your day off with a relaxing spa treatment at their on-site facilities.

Trust us when we say, until you see images of this gorgeous location, you won’t understand, but it really is the absolute perfect spot to spend a babymoon.

Indulge. You deserve it.

2) Qualia

For true luxury, we can’t make this list without mentioning the beauty that is Qualia Resort. Located in a secluded area on Hamilton Island, this babymoon spot is guaranteed to make you feel like a queen.

Also boasting on-site spa facilities and an award winning restaurant, this luxury location has all the perks we would expect of a highly rated hotel. However, what makes this gem of a spot really stand out is its stunning location.

Completely private and secluded, you’ll have no problems relaxing at Qualia. You’ll also be able to wake up to views looking out onto the Coral Sea, surrounded by the Whitsunday Islands.

If a babymoon that is luxurious, with breathtaking views gets your heart racing, book your babymoon at Qualia ASAP.

Mama needs to treat herself, right?   

3) The Southern Ocean Lodge

Heading over to Southern Australia on Kangaroo Island, it’s impossible to ignore the true beauty that comes from a stay at The Southern Ocean Lodge.

Beautifully situated at the top of a cliff, these certainly aren’t your everyday views. These are panorama views that will have you wishing you could stay on Kangaroo Island forever.

Throw in the environmental, contemporary design, and oh boy, you’re going to be having the most relaxing, luxurious vacation of your life.

But hey, with a baby on the way, we say now is the perfect time to spoil yourself a little.

4) Alkina Lodge

Have you been hoping to see the Great Ocean Road? Well, then we’ve got you covered with this dreamy recommendation.

Surrounded by forests, this accommodation is a little different than some of the other recommendations we’ve given above. Replace the ocean view with lush greenery, and we know you won’t be disappointed with Alkina Lodge.

And hey, with scrumptious dinners available, and every luxury detail imaginable included, really, how can you say no Alkina?

It’s a true winner when it comes to the ultimate babymoon spot.  

And there you have it: our top picks in Australia for your babymoon.

Excited by the idea of a trip?

Overwhelmed by all the luxury accomodations, gorgeous views, and top-of-the-line facilities?

We understand, and that’s why we always recommend thoroughly checking out each location before making your pick. When staying in a luxury hotel, you want to ensure you’re getting an experience that makes you feel like a true goddess, especially when you’re pregnant and are trying to relax before your little babe arrives.

Trust us, once you get your eyes on these resorts, you’ll have no difficulty picking the perfect babymoon destination for you.

Happy travels, ladies.

*Featured Image: Qualia, Hamilton Island

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