How to dress for each stage of your pregnancy

How to dress for each stage of your pregnancy

Nail all stages of your bump to baby look with our top tips on what to wear when you're pregnant!

  1. Early pregnancy: If you're like most people, you may choose to hide your pregnancy for the first 12 weeks for various reasons. Even though you may not look it yet, your body is already showing signs of growth from a bigger bust to abdominal bloating and swelling. These changes mean that although you don't have a bump yet, you're likely to start find your normal clothes aren't fitting as well as they usually do. Some mums-to-be are plagued with morning sickness and don't like the feeling of pressure on their stomachs. Wear: lightweight clothing that skims over your stomach and bust such as Maive & Bo's Kara Shirt Dress. This dress will hide your pregnancy if that's what you're choosing to do plus is a soft, lightweight fabric with a flattering waist tie under the bust. 

  2. Mid pregnancy: Your morning sickness has passed, your energy is back and you've excitedly announcing your pregnancy to the world! You'll notice growth mainly in the stomach and bust area but plenty of women find they have the start of overall swelling and water retention. Wear: Now's the time to really embrace your growing bump in stretch, more fitted dressed that show off your gorgeous new curves. Style your body con dress with a longline kimono if you prefer to layer your outfit. Maive & Bo's Lyla Tank Dress is perfect for staying cool and embracing the bump. Team is with Maive & Bo's Kimono Robe in New Moon for the ultimate chic look. 

  3. Late pregnancy: It's time to celebrate the impending birth of your new baby! By this time there's no mistaking that you're pregnant with significant growth in your mid-section and many women noticing overall swelling and water retention. Additionally, you may notice your bust is larger than normal.  All of these things affect the clothing you wear and you may find a different style is more suited to your new shape. Wear: Maive & Bo specialise in baby shower dresses with a number of styles online that are perfect for the event and your third trimester shape. Think feminine fabrics, flattering wrap style and off shoulder dresses that are perfect for your oh-so-important pregnancy photos. Check out Maive & Bo's Baby Shower Dresses for more inspiration.

  4. Nursing-friendly: Baby has arrived and along with the excitement and many (many!) emotions, many mummas realise that nursing-friendly clothing is an absolute must when you’ve got a hungry newborn on your hands. Wear: Think button-down, zip-down, lift-up tops and dresses. Many women find the goal is to provide breastfeeding access as quickly and discreetly as possible. With special events such as Christmas, weddings and catch-ups with friends on the horizon, now's a great time to check out Maive & Bo's selection of nursing friendly event dresses. Particularly the wrap dresses and off shoulder dresses are popular to help you look amazing and easily feed your baby on the run. 


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