Create your perfect nursery: Top 5 tips from Interior Stylist Emma-rose Hooper

Create your perfect nursery: Top 5 tips from Interior Stylist Emma-rose Hooper

One of the most exciting things about becoming a new parent is that you get to design your baby's nursery - a special space for your little one to dream, grow and spend plenty of time with mum and dad. 

Creating a baby's room from scratch can be overwhelming - you might have so many nursery theme ideas and no idea where to start - SO we caught up with local Interior Stylist, Emma-rose Hopper, to show us how to simplify the process whilst creating a magical and inviting baby's room. 

Over to you Emma-rose!


Hello! First of all let me start off by saying if you're reading this and you're an expecting or new mumma or daddy, congrats! 

I’d love to share with you a few little tips that I hope you'll find helpful to creating a nursery. 


1. Pick a Colour palette - don't be afraid to introduce colour!

Modern Nursery Canopy


For my baby boys room I opted for an unusual mix... A Toy Story theme with modern/boho accents. I managed to pull off this unusual combo. We installed white VJ board, which is an affordable way to jazz up the walls. We opted for half high, so we could bring in a bright colour above. It’s amazing how much a lick of paint can completely transform any space! The best thing about this is we can always change the colour above as the baby grows older. 

I always say, don't be afraid to use colour! It can completely transform a space. If you're not sold, use a softer palette or when in doubt, go neutral. 

If your renting, try using wall decals. There are so many affordable and stylish options out there! Try Miss Pie Designs or Little Rae Prints for sweet styles.


2. Create a mood board

Modern Nursery Style

Creating a mood board is a great way to start pulling together your nursery theme ideas. Try piecing items together (digitally) to see if you're on track towards your desired theme. It’s important to ensure all of the items relate and ensure you're happy with them all as a whole! 


3. Comfort for mum!

Modern Nursery Rocking Chair

A top must have for me was a comfortable nursing spot. Let’s be honest, if you're anything like me (especially the first few months), I spent a lot of time in my rocking chair... we became well acquainted. It’s so important to have a comfortable nursing spot, so make sure you choose this wisely. I also made sure to have a side table with a lamp or touch lamp for those late night and early morning stints. 

In this image, rug from Rugtastic, Chair by Adairs, Wall Hanging by Freedom, Moon Cushion by Iron and Cub.


4. Budget and Shop Around.

Modern Nursery Shelving

Have a budget in mind! Make sure you get the big ticket items out of the way first. I like to look around for the most affordable option, and not just buy the first (for e.g.) change table I see. By doing this, it means I have more money to spend on other things!! 

There’s so many second-hand bargains out there. I purchased an old, outdated cabinet for the nursery, and with a lick of paint it looks better than ever. Don't be scared to try this. Recycling furniture is one of the best ways you can be environmentally friendly. 

I was also very lucky that my talented dad made the cot for my cousin when she had her baby years ago. And, again, with a few coats of paint we transformed a dark timber cot, to a new modern one. It’s so rewarding turning something old into something new. 

Sleepy Eyes by Pretty in Pine, wooden toys by Happy Go Ducky, wooden letters by CMC Gold


5. Style it!

Modern Nursery Wall Decals

Put on some good music, and fluff around! Group your decor items together, try them in different spots in the room- on a dresser, on the side table, until you're happy.

One of my favourite things in the nursery is the herbs racks I purchased from Ikea and used as bookshelves. The best thing about these are that I can do a shelf shuffle as little or as often as I like. Also, hot tip - a great way to organise items or hide ugly pieces is to use baskets. These are cheap and are much better to look at than clutter or items that you need but don't match your scheme. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read and can take something away from it! If you haven't tried doing a mood board, you can do this with any decor projects you have in the future. Have fun and happy decorating!

Em xx 

Emma-rose Hooper is a Gold-Coast Interior Stylist with 14 years of experience, along with a passion for renovating, styling & design. She is also a new mum, so we asked her to share the process behind decorating her son's beautiful nursery. If you'd like to see what else Emma-rose can do, be sure to check her out on Instagram @emmarosedesign or at

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Gorgeous! That colour palette is beautiful.

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