The Ultimate List of Hospital Bag Essentials For Bringing Home Baby

The Ultimate List of Hospital Bag Essentials For Bringing Home Baby

Your little one is officially on the way, and even though you know you should be relaxing and taking care of yourself, all you can think about it is whether or not you’re prepared.

Let’s ease some of that stress, shall we?

To ensure you’re prepared for your little bundle of joy, we highly recommend having a hospital bag packed and ready to go for when baby makes his or her first appearance.

This will not only ease your stress now, but it’ll also mean you can leave the hospital feeling calm and totally prepared to take care of both yourself and your new family member.

Sound good?

Okay, here it is: all the hospital bag essentials you’ll need for bringing home baby.

1) Don’t Forget To Pack Baby Clothing

This might seem like an obvious one, but when you’re a new mum, you can easily overthink all the obscure must-haves and leave out the basics.

Clothing for baby definitely falls under this category. Don’t forget baby clothes.

Plus hey, this little outfit is going to be the first thing your baby wears out. Debut your baby to the world looking his or her absolute best.

2) Throw In Some Nappies

As any experienced mum knows, babies go through quite a lot of nappies.

While the hospital will likely provide some, it’s best to be prepared with your own, especially if you’re in the hospital for more than a couple days. Practice, right?

3) Swaddles and Blankets Bring Comfort

Again, while the hospital will likely provide some swaddles and blankets, it’s also nice to bring your own, especially if you’re hoping to take some pictures, or if the weather is particularly cold when you’re leaving the hospital.  

4) A Comfortable Gown

Let’s chat about you for a sec, shall we? Because sure, having all your baby essentials is important, but it’s also just as important that you’re well taken care of.

And so, start by treating yourself by packing your own gown.

Not only will you likely feel better in something off your own after all that hard work you just did delivering your little one, it’s also a great thing to have for any post-birth pictures you might want to take.

Hospital gown versus your own gown? Will take our own gown anyday!

5) Comfortable Clothes Are An Absolute Must

Having said that, while a robe is great for post-delivery, once you’re feeling strong enough to shower, you’re likely going to want to slip into some comfortable clothes. Sweatpants with a drawstring, a nice cotton tee, and maybe an oversized knit cardigan, if the weather is on the chillier side, all work nicely.

Oh, and don’t forget cozy socks and slippers. Trust us, bringing these elements of comfort make all the difference during your hospital stay.  

6) Don’t Skip Out On Gel Nursing Pads and Bras

If you’re completely new to breastfeeding, you might be unaware of some of the discomfort that can come from nursing.

Don’t make the mistake of not being prepared. Throw some gel nursing pads into your hospital bag. You’ll thank us for these handy little pads later.

In addition, you’re also going to want some comfortable nursing bras in your bag for convenience.

7) Pack Your Own Toiletries

And last but not least, when you’re preparing your hospital bag, don’t forget to also pack yourself a toiletry bag.

While you might think you’ll have time to grab your must-have toiletries before leaving for the hospital, depending on how impatient your baby is, you likely won’t.

Don’t get stuck in this sticky situation of being unprepared. Instead, buy mini versions of your favorite toiletry products, so that you’re able to have them packed away and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Oh, and don’t forget hair ties, if you have long hair. This is one of those toiletry essentials that is often overlooked, but when you’re able to throw your hair up into a top knot during labor, you’ll understand why we consider this an absolute must-have.


So ladies, are you prepared for baby?

While we know it’s easy enough to focus on all your baby’s must-haves, we’re also certain it’s just as important to focus on yourself. In order to be the best mama that you can be, you’ve got to put a little focus on yourself, right?

We certainly think so!

Pack your hospital bag with both your baby and yourself in mind, and we just know you’ll be leaving the hospital feeling ready to tackle your new role as a mama.

*Featured image by @bondgirlglam

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