New Mum Essentials

New Mum Essentials

Your baby is almost here, and we’re sure you’re a mixture of emotions.

Excited? Anxious? Hopeful? Terrified?

Perhaps a little mixture of all of the above?

No matter which category you fall into, there’s one thing that we know for certain when it comes to motherhood: there are essentials that all new mums need.

Because sure, while properly preparing for your new little bundle of joy means thinking of your baby, of course, it also means ensuring you have everything you need to feel confident and comfortable during this new phase of life.  

Okay, mamas, are you ready to tackle motherhood like a true pro? We’ve got your back. Here’s your list of all the new mama essentials we always, always, always recommend.

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1) A Nappy Bag

Let’s start off with the most basic essential of them all: a nappy bag. Yes, there is absolutely no about it, as a new mum, you’ll want to make sure that a nappy bag is slung over your shoulder every time you exit the house.

Not only is this essential for any nappy changes that might come up throughout the day, you’ll also want this bag for carrying around all the other essentials your little babe might need.

Perhaps a spare bottle? Or maybe a burping cloth? Trust us, as you begin to bring your baby out into the world, you’ll begin to realise all those little things you don’t want to leave the house without.

For your first trip outside the house, start small, and then as your baby grows and you become more confident in your new role as a mother, you can step out for longer periods of time.

Just ensure that when you do purchase your bag, it has plenty of pockets, it’s easy to carry, has great storage, and it’s made of a quality material. In particular, we’re absolutely obsessed with the options from Cub And Scout. 

warm nursing dress

2) Nursing Dresses

As we mentioned, it is undoubtedly important to consider all the essentials for your baby, but it’s also just as important to take care of yourself.

Yes, we see you over there always putting your baby first, but if you’re not also taking care of yourself, you’re not doing your baby any favours.

There are plenty of ways to take care of yourself. A nice bubble bath perhaps? Or maybe a night on the town with your significant other?

Or, even more simply, give yourself some “me” time by getting all dolled up. Get a haircut, buy some new makeup, or even get yourself a beautiful nursing dress that you can feel confident and comfortable rocking, like our floral Vesper Dress or our polka dot Vesper Dress.  

Don’t get us wrong. We understand that with a new baby not everyday is going to be all glitz and glam, but with gorgeous nursing dresses from Maive & Bo. hanging in your wardrobe, you’ll have clothing available to you that’s bound to make you feel beautiful!

Cookies for breastfeeding

3) Healthy Snacks

Once again, taking care of yourself is oh-so-important for both you and your baby, and one way to do that is through paying attention to what you're putting in your body, especially for those of you who plan on breastfeeding.

Trust us, when you’re out and about all day, juggling a newborn, you’ll be thankful you packed those healthy snacks.

In particular, we go wild for Franjos Kitchen! They have delicious cookies, biscuits and crackers that are all made especially for women who are breastfeeding. Pack some of these yummy treats in your Cub and Scout nappy bag, and you’ll be golden for your day out with the little one.

4) A Baby Carrier

So you’ve got your nappy bag, you’re sporting your new Maive & Bo. nursing dress, and you’re armed with delicious snacks packed and ready to go. Check, check, and check!

But hey, where exactly is your baby in all of this?

As much as you love having him or her in your arms, you can’t exactly go all day long carrying around a baby, now, can you?

Of course not, and that’s why we always recommend investing in a baby carrier that you can rely on. We’re especially loving Ergo Baby Carriers for an option that’s not only reliable, but is also comfortable and stylish for the everyday.

And hey, while you’re looking at all the great products that Ergo carries, we also suggest taking a peek at some of their swaddlers and baby wraps. You’ll likely find these products are more suited to be used when you’re at home, but they’re still definitely worth having ready for when baby arrives.


So mamas, are you feeling a little bit more prepared for this new member of your family?

We know this time can be overwhelming, and it might seem like there’s a never ending list of things that you need, but our best piece of advice would be to start basic, and don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

Do those two things, and we’re certain that you’ll have the hang of this new mum thing in no time.

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