Month-to-Month Bub Development: Months 1-5

Month-to-Month Bub Development: Months 1-5

Whether you’re a first time mama or you’re no stranger to the world of motherhood, this is a special and joyous occasion in your life. Each week, you see your belly grow, from a simple bump to a glorious round belly. And, while we all know we’re carrying around precious cargo, sometimes, it’s hard to actually visualize what’s going on inside of us.

That’s why, today, we’re going over all the various changes your baby goes through during your pregnancy. This way, you can conceptualize what’s going on inside when you’re seeing all the changes on the inside.

Because, trust us, connecting our belly’s growth with our baby’s growth can make all the difference in ensuring we feel that special connection with our little baby.

Read on to discover all the various changes that your baby undergoes throughout the first months of their development.

month 1 pregnancy

Month 1

While you’re likely not seeing much change on the outside, on the inside, your little babe is starting to take shape.

While, technically, at this point, your baby is still an embryo, consisting of two layers of cells that will develop into all of his/her organs and body parts, there’s also some more distinct growth taking place.

For example, eye sockets start to take shape, some form of a mouth will develop, and blood cells will start taking shape for circulation.

Say hello to your little sweet pea.

pregnancy month 2

Month 2

Your little sweet pea has now started to develop into something more like the size of a cherry.

At this point, your bub is constantly moving; however, due to the teeny tiny cherry size, you likely won’t feel any of these movements just yet. Just know that while you might not feel or see any changes occuring, they’re happening!

Facial shape continues to develop, tiny buds that will eventually become arms and legs become present, sensory organs are starting to grow, and bone starts to replace cartilage. Most prominently, though, your baby’s central nervous system starts to take form.

By the end of Month 2, your little cherry has graduated from embryo to fetus.

pregnancy month 3

Month 3

In Month 3, we really start to see some changes.

At this stage of development, your baby is the size of cute little lemon.

He or she now has arms, legs, feet, hands, and toes. In fact, by the end of this important month, your baby is now considered fully formed. While, he or she, of course, has more growing and maturing to do, all the organs and extremities are present.

pregnancy month 4

Month 4

In Month 4, your little lemon has now taken steps to becoming a pear.

In this month, the most important change that will start to occur is the formation of bone. No longer is your babe just a mass of cartilage. At this point, the bone growth really starts to ramp up.

And, in exciting news, if you’re wanting to know the sex of your baby, by Month 4, you should be able to have an ultrasound to determine if you’re having a little boy or girl.

In addition, you’ll also be excited to know that your little pear can now suck his or her thumb, yawn, and he or she can even make facial expressions.

It’s in this stage that your little bub really starts to gain some more human-like qualities. Just wait until you see the ultrasound. It’s going to be love at first sight.

pregnancy month 5

Month 5

At this point, you’ll certainly start to see some changes on the outside. Your baby is now the size of a grapefruit, and if your gorgeous baby bump is any indication, that little grapefruit is growing up.

Most noticeably, you might start to feel movement from your little grapefruit. This occurs because, in Month 5, your bub has started to grow some muscle, and he/she wants to show mama just how active he/she is.

In addition, in Month 5, your baby starts to grow hair. In fact, in this month, not only will your baby grow hair on his or her head, he or she will also start to grow a fine layer of  hair on the shoulders and back. This hair is called lanugo, and it likely develops in order to protect the baby while in the womb, but will be shed within the first week of life outside the womb.


So mamas, does understanding your baby’s development get you even more excited to meet your bundle of joy?

Like we mentioned, this is a momentous time in your life, but we also understand that there’s unfamiliar and confusing changes going on within, and outside, your body, especially for new mamas. Your body is no longer just your body. It’s also a vessel for your little babe.

Knowing and understanding all the changes that your baby is making throughout your pregnancy can help you connect your changes to your baby’s changes. And, in making these connections, you’ll likely be more able to appreciate and be grateful for all those changes you’re going through.

Remember: at the end of all this, you’re left with a beautiful bundle of joy!

Stay tuned to discover all the various changes that happen in Months 6-9.

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