Maternity Style: 6 Celeb Looks To Copy ASAP

Maternity Style: 6 Celeb Looks To Copy ASAP

While we may not all have the wallets of celebrities, we still all have the ability to show ourselves some love during our pregnancy by dressing in a way that makes us feel great. Whether it’s a flirty floral maternity dress, a breezy kimono, or a fitted maternity skirt, we can help you find a maternity look that satisfies your need to dress to impress, while still keeping you comfortable throughout this special time. 

Need some help coming up with your maternity style? 

No problem! These 6 celeb ladies are going to show us how to master maternity style like true pros. Prepare to be inspired. 

1) Ashley Graham 

pregnancy style

Image via Who What Wear 

If there’s one future mama out there who knows a thing or two about embracing your curves and showing off the bump, it is most definitely Ashley Graham. 

In particular, with this look, we love how she’s making use of a form fitted knit sweater dress. While we might often gravitate towards the looser and more flowing fabrics during pregnancy, this look just proves that form fitted dresses can look like a million bucks on a future mama. 

Plus hey, it doesn’t hurt that she’s picked a dress that flatters her coloring, she’s dressed it up with some cute (comfortable) boots, and she’s thrown on a matching cardigan to give the look a very chic and sophisticated feel. 

2) Megan Markle 

pregnancy style

Image via Vanity Fair 

Do we even need to tell you which celeb mama is reigning supreme in the style department?

Oh yes, it is without a doubt Megan Markle. Love her or hate her, this lady knows a thing or two about dressing the bump. 

Not once did she sacrifice her style because of her pregnancy, and she looked elegant throughout. Whether it was classy dresses, beautiful coats, or elegant evening gowns, she looked radiant. 

In particular, two things we think she really excelled at her were emphasizing her waist with belts and flattering dresses, while also adding in a very soft feminine feel to her looks. This soft, pretty aesthetic is very much in line with the maternity wear that we put out at Maive & Bo., and we absolutely believe it’s the most flattering look for pregnant ladies. 

3) Ann Hathaway 

pregnancy looks

Image via InStyle 

Anne Hathaway is one of those celebrities that just feels relatable. Whether it’s her big smile or down-to-earth personality, she’s a celebrity that people gravitate to, and never has that been more obvious than during her pregnancy. 

Cool, laid back and comfortable, Anne Hathaway proves that both comfort and style are available to all of us while pregnant.  

In particular, with this look, we love that she’s kept everything very simple: grey knit tunic, thick leggings, classic leather jacket, and basic flat boots. 

It’s the perfect combination, right?

We think so, and really, this isn’t a hard look to accomplish. Throw a cool leather jacket over any top or dress, and you instantly gain a style edge. Trust us, you’ll see. 

4) Blake Lively 

how to dress when pregnant

Image via Elle 

Oh Blake, pregnant or not, this woman can do no wrong style wise. 

Constantly pushing boundaries, setting trends, and all while looking great doing it, if you haven’t yet let Blake Lively’s maternity style inspire you, you’re in for a treat. 

From the red carpet to casually strolling down the street, everything about this woman’s style is on point. In particular, we’re loving her use of oversized capes for a sophisticated look when the temperatures drop. 

In addition, we love that she hasn’t shied away from embracing her figure during this special time. She’s showing off the bump, and she’s doing it like an absolute pro. Don’t you agree?

5) Shay Mitchell 

what to wear when pregnant

Image via Daily Mail 

Whether you’re pregnant or not, we always love a good maxi dress for a look that screams relaxed, cool, and feminine. 

In particular, with Shay Mitchell’s maternity style, we love that she’s kept the outfit very simple. Just some easy-to-wear strappy black flat sandals, and a pair of sunnies.

While this might not seem like the most standout look on this list, it proves to us that maternity style doesn’t have to be complicated. 

5) Amy Schumer 

what to wear maternity

Image via Growing Your Baby

We absolutely love this photo of Amy Schumer, because it just goes to show that some days, when you’re carrying around a tiny human in you, it’s totally okay to throw on your favorite sweats and a comfy sweater. 

She might not be dressed up, but Amy still glows and radiates pure joy. 

You have that in you, too, no matter what you’re putting on your body. Don’t forget that. 

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