How To Nail Winter Street Style When Pregnant

How To Nail Winter Street Style When Pregnant

When it comes to trendy maternity wear, it’s our passion. We believe all women should feel gorgeous and radiant throughout their entire pregnancy.

And yes, that even includes in the winter months, when all you might want to do is curl up on the couch in your pjs.

Trust us, we get you. Pregnancy isn’t always the most comfortable of experiences. Oversized silhouettes and matronly styles might seem like the best option in the cooler months, but with weekend lunches, coffee dates, and office style still in full swing, you need to be able to dress in your usual stylish way, while also being comfortable and toasty.

And that’s why we’ve come out with a new line of easy-to-wear styles that not only can be transitioned from maternity wear to your regular wardrobe, but also can be worn all the way into early spring.

Never worry, ladies. When it comes to maternity style that’s both on-trend and wearable all year round, we do all the thinking for you.

You can start your hunt for maternity pieces by checking out our first roundup of effortlessly, chic maternity styles here.

Once you’re through there, scroll down to continue discovering the best in maternity wear. We’ve got a feeling you’re going to fall head over heels in love with these new releases.

1) Cara Maternity Top in Indigo

If there’s one styling trick that always works for all our pregnant ladies out there, it is to  emphasize your waist and gorgeous bump. Whether you do it with a wrap dress, a belt, or a stylish sash, this trick never fails.

Easy enough to pull off, right? Well, let us make it even easier for you with our new Cara Maternity Top in Indigo.

With a self-tie on the front of the top, this piece will not only highlight all your pregnancy curves, it’s also beyond comfortable for those days where pregnancy discomfort settles in. It’s done in a buttery soft, breathable fabric that will stretch with your bump, while also simultaneously regulating your temperature to stay toasty on a breezy winter evening, or cool on a mild spring afternoon.   

And hey, you can easily pair this top with some maternity jeans for an easy breezy weekend look, or dress it up with Laudes Above Bump Skirt in Olive for a day at the office.

Either way, this little floral number is bound to be on constant rotation in your wardrobe. Don’t you agree?

2) Cara Maternity Top in Vanilla

But hey, maybe floral patterns just aren’t really your cup of tea.

We hear you, and that’s why we also made the Cara Maternity Top in a rich, creamy vanilla.

With all the same great features as our indigo version, we’re particularly lusting after this vanilla number because of its easy to style nature.

As mentioned above, you can easily style the Cara with the Laudes Above Bump Skirt in Olive or maternity jeans; however, with a stunning neutral colour like this, you can also style it with more vibrant shades and bold patterns, like the Laudes Above Bump Skirt in Aquarelle.

So easy, right?

3) Laudes Above Bump Skirt in Olive

And, since we keep mentioning it, we of course must introduce you to our new favourite piece: The Laudes Bump Skirt in Olive.

And really, with a winner like this, we probably don’t even need to list all the reasons for why we love this maternity skirt so much, but we’ll do it anyway.

With a soft stretch fabric, this skirt easily fits over your bump for both comfort and a figure flattering look. Win-win!

It’s also done in a perfectly wearable neutral colour that makes it easy to style with multiple shades and a variety of eye-popping patterns. Oh, and did we mention it can be worn in any season, and that it makes for a great addition to your wardrobe even after pregnancy?

Yup, this skirt really ticks all the boxes in what you want when you shop maternity wear.

4) Paris Tube Dress in Black and White Stripes

We’ve got a feeling that all you’ll need to do is look at this dress, and you’ll immediately fall in love.

Not only does every lady need a black and white stripe dress in her wardrobe, she needs this dress in particular.


Well, for one, as a pregnant lady, you’re going to fall in love with this figure flattering style, but not only that, you can also wear this dress post pregnancy as a nursing dress! With hidden nursing access, we’ve got a feeling both you and your new little babe will equally enjoy this trendy, functional style.  

And, for winter, simply throw on the Luna Two Way Maternity Cardigan, and voila! You’ve got yourself a dress that can be worn on a chilly winter day, but also can easily be thrown on as a transitional piece for spring.

We told you we thought of it all.

5) Odette Wrap Dress in Boysenberry

And, of course, how could we talk about nailing winter style while pregnant without mentioning our all time favourite maternity style? The wrap dress.

As one of the most figure flattering styles for pregnant women, we always encourage all soon-to-be mamas to have at least one wrap dress in her collection, and with this new Odette Wrap Dress in Boysenberry hitting the shop, we’re all about picking up this stunning style for winter.

Not only is this gorgeous jewel tone the absolute perfect shade for winter, it also has a luxurious, silky feel, making it the ultimate mix of sophistication, comfort, and style.

Sounds like a pretty sweet combo to us, right?

If you’re looking for that wrap dress style that can be worn during and after pregnancy, we highly recommend scooping this baby up. With a shade like this, we’ve got a feeling this little number is going to sell quickly. Don’t miss out.  

Oh ladies, we could go on and on raving about these new stunning winter styles. They truly can entirely improve your winter look with just a quick, simple change of clothes.

But honestly, if you’re hoping to nail your winter style, we suggest giving them a try yourself.

Trust us, once you get your hands on these swoon worthy maternity pieces, you’ll soon understand exactly what we’re raving about.

Shop all our new winter arrivals here

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