How to Host a Boho Baby Shower

How to Host a Boho Baby Shower

A boho baby shower theme is a wonderful way to celebrate the natural beauty of motherhood and it’s not hard to see why this theme is so on-trend. The boho theme calls for a more laid-back style event, making use of the outdoors, natural elements, earthy textures and feminine touches such as flowers, candles and lace.

But where to start? From the timing to the decorations through to baby shower dresses, we’ve rounded up some top tips to help you pull together the perfect boho baby shower for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

When Do You Have A Baby Shower?

Baby showers can be held at any time however, most baby showers are organised for when the expectant mum is around seven months pregnant. The reason for this is that mum is now well into her pregnancy and is probably feeling comfortable … well, comfortable enough compared to the nausea of the first three months and the heavy load of the last month. This also gives her time to sort through her baby shower gifts and work out what she still needs to purchase before the baby arrives.  

If you leave the question of ‘’when do you have a baby shower’’ too late and end up having it later in the pregnancy, there is a risk that the baby might arrive before the actual baby shower. 

Where Should I Hold My Boho Themed Baby Shower?

Although location is a key element to a boho themed baby shower, it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive as this theme works really well in nature.  A shady area under a tree in your garden works amazing, as does a nice area in your local park, community centre or church grounds.

The Soul Nook Collective in Marburg, (less than an hour from Brisbane) has this concept down to a T. They create beautiful boho themed bell tent picnics for all occasions on the old church grounds. I can personally vouch that this experience is divine!

@the_soul_nook_collective via Instagram:

Boho Baby Shower Invitations

It’s always a good idea to send the invites around six weeks before the actual baby shower. This gives guests plenty of time to shop for gifts, lock the date in their schedule, and maybe even organise a babysitter. 

When it comes to the actual invitations themselves, think white or neutral for the card with pretty, feminine boho features such as flowers and soft colours.  The beautiful boho themed baby shower card below can be found on Etsy.

Decorating Your Boho Baby Shower

A boho themed baby shower is all about feeling relaxed. Think pale pinks and whites, florals, bare wood and elements of nature. 

To achieve this, begin by using cushions, blankets and tapestries for that lovely boho feel. Old curtains and thrift store purchases tie in with the boho theme well and you can use them with some cushions on the ground for a wonderfully relaxed vibe. Alternatively, drape them over a rattan chair or old sofa. Height can be added to your decorations by draping them up high.

Every boho baby shower needs a chair for the mother to be to rest her tired (and probably swollen) feet. A rattan chair draped with a rug and adorned with florals make a stunning throne for the guest of honour and also doubles as a great photo prop.

Once your larger items such as seating, tables, bell tent or even a teepee are in place, it’s time to really put it together with smaller boho baby shower elements. Think fairy lights strung between trees or in jars, flowers and greenery placed around the table. 

Bare wood can be used as food platters and you can’t go past hessian as an inexpensive table runner that ties the bohemian theme together nicely. 

@the_soul_nook_collective via Instagram

Food For You Boho Baby Shower

Picnic style finger foods and grazing platters are just perfect for the relaxed vibe of a boho themed baby shower. This chilled vibe means you can be free to keep it simple with platters of easy sandwiches, cheese, nuts, olives and fruit, as well as healthy bliss balls for something sweet. 

Vintage glasses and decanters from the thrift store look amazing in a boho themed baby shower. Use a vintage decanter to serve Kombucha or a non-alcoholic beverage and decorate the table around your vessel with sprigs of gum leaves or even some fresh rosemary or lavender.  If you can’t get hold of vintage, mason jar glasses from the two-dollar store look pretty fantastic filled with a non-alcoholic punch as well!

When it comes to your boho baby shower cake, you don’t need to go all out for this theme.  A rather ‘’naked’’ cake dressed up with natural elements on top fits this theme perfectly, as does a simple sponge cake with fruit and cream.

@cakesby.stela via Instagram:

Baby Shower Dresses

SQUEAL … baby shower dresses are the best part! Think flowy fabrics, florals, pretty colours and lace to channel those relaxed boho vibes. It’s sometimes hard to feel fabulous when you’re expecting, but not with these baby shower dresses. You’ll be showing bub these baby shower photos for years to come!

Option #1 - Lace it up with a white lace maternity dress like The Wanderer. This white flowy dress has been carefully crafted with beautifully draped lace for the ultimate in bohemian mother-to-be. Wear it again for your family and newborn photographs (and any other special occasion) after the baby has arrived!


Option #2 - Go floral with your boho baby shower with this Pretty Maternity Dress. This dreamy dress features soft, drapey chiffon and a pretty pink that embodies femininity.

Option #3 - Show of your growing bump with the Confetti Shirred Maternity Dress. This dress can be worn on or off the shoulder and features a photogenic red/pink print.

To really complete the look for your boho baby shower, dress it up even more with a DIY flower crown.

@floraleventsweddings via Instagram

Are you planning a boho themed baby shower? Don’t worry, as long as you stick with a relaxed and floaty theme with natural and floral elements, you’ve got it covered! Don’t forget to tag @maiveandbo on Instagram with your baby shower pics.

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