DIY Your Maternity Photoshoot at Home

DIY Your Maternity Photoshoot at Home

Time spent cocooning in self-isolation does not mean you need to miss out on the fun of a maternity photoshoot. We’re all getting creative, finding new ways to solve problems and re-discovering old ones, so why not give a DIY photoshoot a go?

At worst, you’ll get dressed up and spend a morning or afternoon in your garden with lots of laughs. At best? Great memories and some wonderful photos to share with family and friends.

I actually did my own a few years ago because between selling a house and moving interstate I had no energy to organise a professional one. The afternoon lingers in my memory as one of my favourite times as my husband directed me into poses and I tried to not get too close to the duck pond. The best photo? Me falling backwards into a rosemary bush.

Let’s get started!

Choose your background

Sometimes professional photos look like they have been taken in a lush forest or a light filled studio. The reality? Clever cropping and positioning.

A soft and dreamy white background could be a sheet hanging up in-front of a window. Even a wrinkled sheet (who needs to be ironing sheets??).

That lush forest background could be the hedge in your backyard. Mallory and I went outside to the reserve behind the office and gave it a go.

You can see that these plants are nothing special.

But with some clever positioning in the leafy greens and a filter or two … Voila!

Though I think Hannah @hashtag_hannahcole has done a much better job in her beautiful garden.

What’s the time?

Daylight is at its most flattering during the ‘golden hour’, in the late afternoon before sunset. Overcast days are also your friend as the clouds act as a natural diffuser. But try to avoid bright sunny days for outside shots or you’ll find yourself squinting into the camera.


Do you have a feature wall? Some beautiful windows? Or even an interesting brick wall? The ordinary can look extraordinary with a little imagination. This is Mallory posing in our office kitchen ...

 But you can't tell...

Amelia from @luxe_everyday rocks a painted wall...

 While @talistomatoes shows us that beauty is everywhere ... even in bricks.

Get Glam

Spend time on your hair and makeup and choose an outfit that makes you feel really special. Just because you’re doing this yourself, there is no reason to skimp on the preparations. Bright colours or prints pop in photographs, especially on a plain background. Our Harlow Maternity & Nursing Wrap Dress in Mint is a popular choice for good reason.

Or, contrast a bright or busy background with a dress in a single colour. A textured fabric, like our Midi Lace Maternity Dress in White adds extra interest.

Be Yourself

Most of all, our message here is to enjoy yourself, relax and have fun. The best photos are not necessarily the most perfect, but the ones with a story. If you've just planted a tree in your garden, why not include that in the photo so you can show your child how the tree grows up with them.

We'd love to see what you come up with! Tag us on instagram (#maiveandbo) and share your works of art.


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