Kasey x Maive: Behind the capsule

Kasey x Maive: Behind the capsule

It's fresh, fun and turning traditional maternity wear on its head - the Kasey x Maive Maternity and Nursing-Wear Capsule is here and brightening the bumps of pregnant women everywhere.

But what's the story behind the capsule? We answer some of our most asked questions and dive into what inspired the print and styles. 

Colourful Maternity Wear

The Kasey x Maive Capsule

We've included four of our favourite pieces to span the nursing and maternity-wear lifecycle.

All items are nursing-friendly, designed in a stretchy fabric for a great fit and have been printed in a design by Queensland artist, Kasey Rainbow. 

If you're head-over-heels for something, be quick! This is a limited run and the pieces run out when the fabric does. 

Our chosen pieces include: 

Kasey x Maive Tank Dress  - a sunshine spreading tank dress that frames the bump with side gathering and has hidden nursing access 

Kasey x Maive Above Bump Skirt - Chic with a sprinkle of FAB, throw this skirt over your bump for an elevated day to night-time look

Kasey x Maive Tank Dress (Olive) - Yes, yes yes to our fave new neutral in our easy-to-wear tank dress style

Kasey x Maive Wrap Dress  - Pass the tropical drink! This bump to nursing-wear piece is giving us major holiday vibes

Maternity skirt online australia

Queensland artist, Kasey Rainbow

If you haven't heard of Kasey Rainbow then do yourself a favour and jump on her Instagram page - @kasey.rainbow - for an absolute eye-full of happiness!

Kasey is a talented Queensland-based artist who lives and breathes colour, positivity and self-love.

A mum herself, there was no-one better to design a print that helped women look and feel amazing when they were expecting and beyond.

maternity wrap dress

The inspiration behind the design

The print is everything we love about summer - bright, fresh and tropical with delicious colours and shapes that practically scream coconut sunscreen and tropical juices by the beach. 

Noticing a trend in abstract florals and fun shapes, we set about briefing Kasey on creating something that our customers felt and looked amazing in. As for the finer details, we were all too happy to let Kasey run wild with her creativity and imagination. 

Stretchy dresses for summer

Australian brands are stronger together 

True, that!

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of working with and supporting Australian businesses and we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to do so with this collection. 

Not only did we work with Kasey on the print design of these pieces, we were supplied shoes by local Queensland business Petit Barcelona (they are insanely comfortable), worked with local pregnant models (Nicola and Liz pictured) and a fab local crew to shoot these amazing images.   

We remain committed to working with Queensland and/or Australian-based talent as much as is possible! 


Shop the collection here or visit our Brisbane Maternity Store


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