Maternity Photoshoot Dresses: 7 Creative Shoot Ideas to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Maternity Photoshoot Dresses: 7 Creative Shoot Ideas to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Have you been dreaming about that perfect maternity dress for photoshoot, but you haven’t actually organised the shoot yet? It’s all good; you’ve got ages until your little babe arrives, right? Wrong, sister! It’s time to get cracking. Nine months of pregnancy can seem like an eternity … and then all of a sudden, your baby is here! Life transforms into a blur of nappies, feeds, shushing and patting.

But don’t worry, we’ve got all the tips, tricks and outfits you need to know for the perfect maternity photoshoot, so you have nothing to stress about. We’ve also included seven photoshoot ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Plan as much as possible. If you are doing multiple outfit changes, choose a location with a place you can comfortably change. Also, make sure there’s a toilet close by - your bladder will thank you.
  • Schedule your photoshoot for sometime after 24 weeks, so you’ve got a beautiful bump to show off. It’s best not to leave it too late, or you’ll be booking a newborn shoot instead! 
  • Choose maternity photoshoot dresses that are flattering and align with the vibe you are going for with the shoot. Soft, bo-ho vibes are a popular choice. If you’re after some inspo for a maternity dress for photoshoot, see our ‘The Wanderer’ dress for the perfect flowy look.
  • Look at maternity shoots that inspire you and pay close attention to the poses, hand-on-bump placement and angles. 
  • Research your photographer. You want to find someone you’re comfortable with and plenty of maternity photoshoot experience.

There are so many maternity shoot ideas to create memorable photos - we’ve pulled together our top 7 creative maternity photoshoot ideas to get you started.

1. Make It Multigenerational 

A charming idea for a maternity shoot is to get other family members involved. Photos of grandma, mum, and mum-to-be all lined up will make for a precious keepsake that you can pass down through the family.

2. Add a Holiday Theme

If your maternity shoot is lining up with a holiday, why not take advantage? Have some funny photos comparing your pregnant belly to the large Halloween pumpkins. You could also wrap your belly with wrapping paper for Christmas or paint a colourful egg on it for Easter. These images can do double-duty as greeting cards or holiday postcards.

3. Shoot Somewhere Meaningful

To make your photos extra special, why not take them somewhere that feels special to you, your family, or you and your partner? This could be the place you met, the spot where you got engaged, or anywhere else that you hold close to your heart. Including your loved ones is a beautiful way to bring meaningful locations to life.

4. Incorporate Family Hobbies

Are you a couple of football fanatics? Or a family of film-buffs or master chefs? Whatever your interests and hobbies are, try incorporating them into the photo shoot – you’ll have heaps of things to use as props and lots of fun in the process!

5. Capture the Silhouette

There are few things as beautiful as the silhouette of a pregnant woman months or weeks away from giving birth. If you're interested in having a more sophisticated and artistic photoshoot, have your photographer capture your silhouette against a bright light or dramatic background. You don’t have to get full-monty if that’s not your thing; there are plenty of ways a good photographer can capture your silhouette while incorporating your maternity photoshoot dresses.

6. Wait for Golden Hour

Love that golden hour glow? You're not alone. To have this golden hue in your photos, time your maternity shoot with those special hours right after sunrise or right before sunset.

7. Be Natural

Maternity photoshoots don’t have to be posed or staged. Sometimes the most precious photos are caught spontaneously – sharing a joke with your partner or a tender moment with your older children. Also, having your photographer come to your home can take the pressure off, leaving you to relax and enjoy the moment in familiar surroundings.

Always Be Authentic

No matter what ideas you choose to incorporate in your maternity shoot, just be sure to make choices that make YOU happy. If you want something fun and silly, don't feel like you have to do something overly serious. If you want something more artful or elegant, don't feel as though it's wrong to bask in your own beauty. Do whatever feels right to you.

And of course, we couldn’t go without saying - you’ll get the best photos when you’re in a beautiful mood, so be sure to wear something that makes you feel amazing. We intentionally designed our maternity photoshoot dresses to make you feel at ease and enhance your special pregnancy glow - check out our collection below!

x Maive and Bo


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