5 Ways To Make Your First Mother’s Day Special

5 Ways To Make Your First Mother’s Day Special

Whether you’ve only just embarked on this new journey into motherhood, or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s one thing that all mamas know right off the bat: motherhood is no walk in the park. It’s a full time job. A rewarding job, but still, one that can sometimes have you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and just plain exhausted.

Trust us, we get it. Being a new mama is not all rainbows and butterflies, which is why we always recommend that new mothers really take advantage of this special day that’s all about them.

You work your booty off, after all. You deserve it. Here are five surefire ways that you can enjoy your first Mother’s Day:

Take Time For Yourself

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but really, when’s the last time you stayed in bed for an extra hour, just because you could? When is the last time you finished a full cup of coffee before you hit the ground running? When is the last time you had the chance to read an entire chapter of a book without being interrupted?

For most new mothers, these ideas probably seem like distant memories, but on Mother’s Day, make a serious effort to work them into your day. If you have a partner or close family members, ask for help, and if necessary, don’t feel guilty about hiring a babysitter. It’s natural to want to spend plenty of time with your little babe on this special day, but when possible, take an hour or two strictly for yourself. Trust us, when you’re feeling relaxed and at ease, you’ll enjoy your Mother’s Day much more.

Pamper Yourself

As a new mom, you likely make sacrifices for more time in your day. Perhaps lately an extra 15 minutes in bed has seemed more important than putting on makeup in the morning. Maybe the last time you wore an outfit that made you feel like a million bucks seems like a thing of the past.

Well, on your special day, it’s time to steal back some minutes to pamper yourself: get your nails done, give yourself a facial, take the time to apply that favourite lipstick shade! Most importantly, pamper yourself with some post maternity clothing that makes you feel pretty and confident.

Too often we resort to the matronly style pieces, because it’s what feels most comfortable post-baby, but at Maive & Bo., we want to give you a new way to feel great about your post-baby body. With our stylish wrap dresses and maternity wear, not only are the pieces flattering, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish, they’re also practical for nursing.

Double bonus!

For Mother’s Day, pick yourself up a stylish piece, like the Harlow Dress in Navy Dot. Once you put this baby on, we know you’re going to feel like the absolute best version of yourself, which is exactly what you deserve on your big day.

Capture The Day

Speaking of big days… As much as pampering yourself is extremely important, it’s also equally important to spend time with the tiny human who gave you your new role as a mother. That’s what Mother’s Day is all about, after all, right?

During these special moments, we highly recommend capturing the day on camera. Get all dolled up, or keep it natural and relaxed with our Harlow Dress in Caramel.  You’ll cherish the photos for years to come, and you’ll always be able to remember what it felt like to spend that first Mother’s Day together. A pretty dress to make you look and feel like your best self is just the icing on the cake!

Journal The Day

But hey, if capturing the day through photos isn’t really your jam, you can still capture those memories in another form through journaling! Writing about the day in a personal journal is an excellent alternative that’s even more intimate. You’ll be able to look back on this journal entry with fond memories, knowing exactly how you felt on your first Mother’s Day.


And last, but certainly not least, one of our favourite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day is with some good, old fashion indulgence.  Whether that means dinner at your favourite restaurant, brunch with other mamas and their babes, or even just a quick run for ice cream with the family, you can never go wrong with some much deserved indulging on Mother’s Day.

And hey, if you’re feeling extra indulgent, pick up some dresses to wear out on your special night. Our Luella Dress in Aquarelle and Navy Rose both make for perfect dresses to wear for either a delightful brunch, or an indulgent dinner. Either way, we have no doubts you’ll look great.

So tell us, how will you be celebrating your first Mother’s Day?

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